Dear Adventurous
By LaVataElise
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What you've found is the fan-art adventures of a wild woman; a collection of fan-arts for the adventurous reader. All of what's inside is based on some WattPad stories, you might know a couple of them. Each story selected was chosen simply because I admire them. Nothing will be sexually explicit, so please don't ask for it. In addition, I have consent from the authors to share my unique perspective of their stories by selected sections or with just random fan-arts, as I have no intention of producing them in full at all. Each one is outlined to credit the authors of the stories. This has been produced solely for entertainment, for myself and others, so please enjoy! If you would like to find content behind the scenes please head over to my Patreon, you can also see things ahead of time there. Link in Bio. ***Titles featured here*** • Arabian Nights by Simonesaidwhat (Simone Shirazi) - Current • Echos of an Alpha by Moralfantasy - Not posted yet © 2018 LeoNealArt


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Dear Adve...
by LaVataElise