The Spectacular Sic...
By lionheart_writer
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16-year-old Tyler Stone had led a pretty normal life. Hanging out with friends, struggling to get passing grades, ogling the most popular girl in school, Katie Cassidy, and helping his mom pay the bills was about all he had to worry about. That is, until he was abducted by aliens and guilt tripped into saving their planet from an evil alien overlord known as Venicov. Can Tyler juggle his person life and his life as the superhero Sick Shot? Or will his life go spiraling out of control? (Book #2 in the Lionheart Superverse) The Legend of Mother Nature (Book #1) and this book can be read at the same time or in any order. -Featured on @superhero's The New Guys reading list. -2nd place winner in the Lollipop Awards "The Spectacular Sick Shot is a light and funny read, which is a combination of superheroes, hilarious absurdity, rich yet relatable moral values, and super-powered action scenes." @michh_44 COMPLETED

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The Spect...
by lionheart_writer