Married to the Prin...
By ThatpreetyMuslimah
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What was a tourist visit to the most beautiful city in the world turned out to be something entirely different. "Your highness we found your fiance" Says the big guy wearing the white long gown. "Bring her to me" the person on the line said. oh my! How can I explain to this burly handsome exotic men that I was not a princess nor the fianice of the Prince of Dubai . But if they insist who could blame me atleast I'll get to look at them all day if that was one of the perks of been a princess. ~~~ Betty Crocker has always dreamed of visiting the exotic Dubai. It was the first thing she will write on her bucket list that is if she ever had the time to.Growng up in the outskirts of Canada all she and her family ever did was work. when she suddenly received a letter to accompany her uncle to Dubai for some business she finally ticked it off her non existent bucket list . Excited and giddy for not just travelling for the first time but going to Dubai.she never really thought about how any of that could change her workaholic life but boy did it change it and there was no going back .❤ If you love Arab men and guys with long eye lashes then this story is for you but make sure u grab on to something while reading because there's gonna be some unexpected unexpected LOL!😂

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Married t...
by ThatpreetyMuslimah