Kitty's Gone
By Derpy_is_awesome
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"Where did my Kitty go?" She asked, her voice a mixture of coldness and sadness...her eyes burned with anger, fear and sadness as well. "I'm still right here!" I snap. My temper is running thin. "Princess... I'm still right here...I never left..." I whimper, my heart longing to pull her closer to me. Instead, she stood across her room from me, looking anywhere but my eyes now. Then, she murmurs, "I....I can't believe that Cat Noir..." "But why not?!" I exclaim. "Because you chose to fight against Ladybug! You left behind the duty of helping Paris and instead you put people in danger! Do you think I like to see the person I love putting other innocnet people in danger?!" She yelled, her eyes glimmering with rage and sadness. I wince. Night, her eyes filled with what I can only call confusion, walks over to Mari and starts rubbing against her legs, trying to cheer her owner up. Marinette bends down and pets the cat before looking back to me. "I still...I still love you. I never stopped.'s so hard to understand you are in love with someone who hurts people without a care. I miss my Kitty. The one that helped Ladybug with anything and everything. The one that was a hero." Well. That's too bad. Voicing my thoughts aloud, I snarl to her, "Kitty's gone! I'm here! I have a duty to my master. She promised me a great future and your safety so I accepted! This is my job. I have to do this! I have to protect you." I sob suddenly, my emotions getting the best of me. Mari looks hesitant, and I don't blame her, but she runs over to me and hugs me tightly. I grip her back and bask in the warmth I've missed. The warmth I haven't had for two years. The warmth of the girl I lost... When I decided to work against her alter ego. Not that I remember she's Ladybug though. The last two years were long and hard. And I lost a lot. Trust. Love. Comfort. My princess... And it all started when I first betrayed Ladybug. Two years ago... Sequel to Shush Kitty


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Kitty's G...
by Derpy_is_awesome