Ryan ✔️
By KatGee
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Completed: August 1st, 2019 Ryan is Book one in the Broken series. Book 2 is Brynn and Book 3 is Nixon❤️ (Ryan is a girl) My fingers tug at the end of his t-shirt. "I was in the shower." The guy nods. "My bad, he never brings his girls home." My eyebrows shoot up at his words. He never brings girls home at all? Wow. Olivia smacks his arm again. "Don't be a dick." "I'm not." "I'm not one of his girls, we're just friends." I shrug. They both give me looks of disbelief. My face heats because it obviously doesn't look that way, wearing his clothes and all. They wouldn't understand that he is always there for me when I need him. "Seriously, I got really drunk last night and he just let me stay with him. I didn't have anything else to wear after my shower." I'm surprised he didn't take me back to the dorm since I put my room key in his pocket when we left. "Wow, maybe he's changing his ways." Olivia coo's at the guy. I shake my head. "No it's really not like that. We've never even kissed." The guy starts laughing and even Olivia smacking his arm doesn't stop him. I guess I could see how odd this is to them if they live with him, especially if the 20 messages on his phone was anything to go by. Has he never been friends with a girl before? "What the fucks so funny, Sawyer and why the hell are you guys naked?" His voice makes me jump. He sits a bag of food on the bar thats placed between the kitchen and living room. "Dude I didn't fucking know anyone was here." Sawyer says finally sobering up from his laughing fit. "So you decided you and Liv should fuck on the couch?" He asks crossing his arms in front of his chest. He must have grabbed a beanie before he left earlier because a black one now covered his messy blonde hair. I've never been a fan of guys wearing slouchy beanies but he really pulls it off. "It just happened, fuck. What's this I hear you haven't even kissed this girl?" Sawyer smirks.


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Ryan ✔?...
by KatGee