Leaves of The Past...
By Princess_Mauve
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[On Hiatus] Leave the past, and live in the present.〞 "And what if I can't?〞 |♔∞♔∞♔| "I always ask myself that if I can, will I? And if I will, can I?〞-Avery Avery is a sweet 18 year old girl that loves, summer, autumn, winter, and spring. She ought to always feed her curiousity, but that sweet, curious personality of hers, together with her normal life will change, all because she was caught up with the lies of the elites. How will she manage to survive all the lies that have been told? What kind of lies are able to change her life completely? "Hello there, Avery.〞 ❀❀❀ Hello! Welcome to my very first story in my account. I plan to develop this story as time goes on since I haven't figured every single detail out. Anyways I hope that you will enjoy it since it is action packed. I would love to see your comments on this, and this may have a tinge of fantasy in it. I can't spoil everything though so I guess all I have to say is to enjoy it, and help me throughout our journey. Call me Velvet! Or Mavy.. Well which ever you prefer. Gosh this is gonna have feels. Anyways, sayonara~

Leaves of The Past ➸《Prologue》

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Leaves of...
by Princess_Mauve