War of Gravity
By mdc_143
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I saw him standing in the shop but it feels like he's not there. "You don't know me." I sense a smirk by the end of his word but when I turn on the ball of my feet, his face was stone cold again as if I heard it wrong. His words sounded as if he answered an unspoken question. I started to feel annoyed and I try to pin him with stare but to my utter surprise, he just return it, black and cold. I feel all hairs on my body rises as his lips twitch like an animal snarling. "What did you say my name was?" He asked, his voice was taunting. I open my mouth but nothing came out. I really felt uneasy. His eyes, they are nothing like Taehyung. ******** When you spend all your life believing you are on the path where you are destined to be and suddenly found out that you were on the a different direction and perhaps, dimension all along? -A story of a forgotten dream that was awaken by a burning passion -One way ticket to your map of the soul -Welcome to Bangtan Universe -COO- 📕📷: http://www.cerc-ug.org/ck/serendipity-wallpaper/

All Is Bangtan

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War of Gr...
by mdc_143