Nasty Grind
By MeanaNaturi
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You'll enjoy...let's just say my mind got carried away. Happy readings!! Come on girl, don't be shy," Chris patted his legs for her to sit on. She was timid, standing close to the exit of the bedroom with nothing but her white robe on. She tried desperately to cover herself, only to have the robe flop open again exposing her large breast, and bare pussy. She walked closer to the naked man looking around the dark room, only the outside street lights capturing his dark eyes, and glistening cocoa skin. "I'm scared." She admitted, sitting down on his lap, staring at his erect penis. She bit down on her lip as she wrapped her arms around his neck. But this is what you asked for right? She asked herself staring into his eyes. She then looked away after what seemed to be forever. She had wanted this, and he wanted her. "I think I'm ready." Chris grabbed her gently by her chin, "I need to know if you are really down for this."

Chapter 1

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Nasty Gri...
by MeanaNaturi