The Professor
By thewritingstark
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COMPLETED. This isn't your typical teacher/student at all. It's a proper romance with mature scenes. It's a love story between two people that shouldn't be together, shouldn't have fallen in love. But they do. HIGHEST RANKING: #1 Hot 6/1/2020 #1 Forbidden Love 18/01/19 #1 Teacher 12/05/19 #1 Slowburn 06/02/19 #1 Shy 20/02/19 #1 Professor 15/04/19 #1 Student 10/06/19 #1 Crush 26/07/19 #1 maturecontent 16/08/19 #1 Suit 26/09/19 Top 5 #forbidden 14/04/19 #1 interracial 23/1/20 #1 teacher student 13/3/20 Heads up: I do write explicit sexual content. A slow burning romance between the new English professor and his intriguing student. ... "You're stubborn." He leans forward and squints his eyes, challenging me. "And you're kind of naive, Professor." I shoot back, mimicking his actions. "You're naive too." He looks away from me, concentrating on drumming the table with his fingers. "How so?" My interest is piqued. "You're innocent... in some ways." This time he's watching my reaction. "What ways?" I gulp, anticipating the direction of this conversation. "Ways that surprised me." "Was I a bad kisser?" Maybe I was. Oh no, maybe this was his way of telling me I'm a bad kisser. "No." He's quick to reply. He shakes his head, smiling. "It's a good thing. A very, very- He's close to me again, and Rolf watches my lips. "Sexy surprise." He whispers.


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The Profe...
by thewritingstark