Ferrari (New Versio...
By frangipanii
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"My eyelids flutter open and shut, awakening to the sunlight pouring in through the window. It beams onto the bed, providing my skin with almost as much warmth as Oliver's fingers do. They trail up and down my spine, soothing my exhausted body. I nuzzle my head into his chest, squashing my cheek against his peck. My limbs are sprawled over his body, my arm on his stomach, and my leg between his. He's a far better mattress than my actual mattress." Ferrari follows the life of Lucy Robins and her tight-knit group of friends. In a world of anxiety, wealth, and drugs, the group have both everything and nothing to lose. The series begins in their high school years, where Lucy gets her first glimpse at the beauty of love. Throughout the series, they each face heartbreak, loss, happiness, peace, and so much more. Their friendships shift and change, but their connections remain. The story doesn't end until years later, with Lucy's blossoming career, increasing strength, and if she's lucky... Oliver. "Because that's the problem with rich boys. They think they can get anything they want; and most of the time, they're right. Not only do they have enough money to buy everything, they also use it to get away with everything." CURRENTLY UPLOADING: Part 2: Heat Each part will have its own blurb, posted within the title page. UPLOADING DAYS: Monday, Thursday & Saturday (AEST)


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Ferrari (...
by frangipanii