The Wisconsin Werew...
By Alycat1901
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NOW PUBLISHED AND OPTIONED FOR FILM BY NETFLIX! With the exception of Vampires, the most iconic cinema monster would be a Werewolf. In teen fiction for the last decade people have been conditioned to embrace the belief that werewolves are sexy and mysterious young men whose biggest struggles are fighting for dominance in a pack while merely searching to find a mate in life. But for Everly Davis one dark and unfortunate night, she comes to find that a werewolf is not a handsome and glorious boy who shapeshifts under a full moon. She finds the creature is instead a blood-thirsty monster who resembles nothing of a romantic protagonist. Nothing is as it seems. With dead animals, a mysterious group of coworkers, and a rising body count, Everly and the aid of her younger brother work to discover who in their small town is the monster causing the chaos. They soon discover something rather horrifying. The werewolf may not be acting alone, but among a pack.


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The Wisco...
by Alycat1901