Innocent beauty
By littlethingsread
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She is kind Shy Gullible Pure Adorable Sweet Beautiful And innocent. Her name is Lavender. He is dark Dangerous Feared Dominant Strong Confident And possessive. ******************************** "Why are you crying?" He asked her. Voice so deep and groggy it sent chills down her spine. "I-it's n-no-nothing." She whispered and looked down. Face flushed and embarrassed. "Tell me." He almost commanded. Tugging her chin to look straight to him. She thought about telling him the reason for her tears but thought of the outcome, which would result in him laughing and decided to shake her head. "Tell. Me." He asked again this time voice edged with slight anger. Although she didn't know why. Lavender felt the need to cry again, and so the tear flowed freely against her flushed cheeks. "N-no o-o-on-one wants to be my fri-friend." She answered, expecting a laugh. "You don't have to cry because of dumb fucktards красота. If it means something to you, I'll be your friend." He said calm and collected. You can almost hear the possessiveness in his voice, but he himself does not know why he's acting like this towards a girl who he just met. Ranked #3 on innocent: 09/10/19 Ranked #32 on cute: 19/03/19 Ranked #1 on hisgirl: 13/05/19 Ranked #2 on fear: 06/19 Ranked #13 on teenfiction: 18/10/19


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