The Rejected Alpha...
By xaritena
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There was never a story of an alpha being rejected, it was unheard but he was the exception. Alpha Sean Dawson had everything in his life, a strong pack to rule, a mate to love and a brother who trusted with his life. One morning though everything changed. His mate rejected him and mated with his brother. His brother didn't waste any more seconds winning him over the alpha title, humiliating him in front of his pack members and forcing him to live the rest of his life as a rogue. With no one to love and trust he wondered around, fading in the background of a human town he stable across it. No man can survive the rejection of his mate and he knew his time was up. However one night everything changed... A/N: This is a draft of the story, which means you may stubble across grammatical & spelling mistakes. Please do kindly point them out, it will be easier for me when I will edit the entire book.


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The Rejec...
by xaritena