My Life With The Ga...
By bloomflorabloom
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THIS IS CURRENTLY BEING EDITED AS OF 2022. Chapters will be adjusted as edits are made. When Raine losses the only person who can care for her, she is forced to move to Georgia and start all over. She soon finds out that Living with the nine of the Garrison boys is hecktick. Having to basically start her whole life over and live with a whole bunch of teenage hormonal boys isn't something Raine planed on doing. After settling in and being accepted into the family she soon begins to wonder. What do you do when your in a love with the boy that is two doors down from your room, and what do you do when one of the brothers love you? Perviously known as 'How The Nine Garrison Boys Ruined My Life...Heck Who Am I Kiddin?!'

Chapter 1

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My Life W...
by bloomflorabloom