Of Fairies and Host...
By Iliketowatchanime
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Hoshi Sohma is a girl that nobody in the guild really knows a lot about, including her surname and magic, she's secretive, more so than Mystogan himself, including the friendship between the girl and mysterious man which is more like brother and sister than lovers. Hoshi is heartbroken after he stays in his home-world but understands his reasoning why, she then concentrates more on going on jobs, most of which are secret to her guild-mates. After the continuing celebration of Lisanna's return, members of the guild start behaving oddly, falling ill before ignoring and spreading rumors about Hoshi until she decides to leave for a while, Makarov having agreed to her taking some leave to return to her home country where she takes the opportunity to attend the local Academy, having earned the right through one of her mission rewards: A scholarship role in either Ouran Academy or Lobelia Girls' Academy, starting from a first year position in the high-school. Before attending Ouran academy, Hoshi meets with Haruhi, with them becoming instant friends, so much so that Hoshi confides in Haruhi about using magic at the Academy in order to appear as a male, Haruhi taking it better than first expected, Hoshi tells her of Fairy Tail and its members. Despite making new friends and old ones visiting, something lurks in the shadows, making its way to where Hoshi is and threatens the safety of those she holds dear and threatening to spill the secrets she so desperately tries to hide from everyone. (I do not own any of these anime/manga, I do however own all my OC's and the story-line this takes, please do not hate) Top Rankings: #1 in fruitsbasket #3 in kyosohma #6 in pantherlily #1 in demoncat #8 in yukisohma #4 in shiguresohma

Chapter 1

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Of Fairie...
by Iliketowatchanime