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Doing justice, making people pay for their awful sins, feeling outlasted by the world and this reality. (Y/N) is a victim at post traumatic disorder, but it has moulded her into the distant person she is. A puppet with strings that must be pulled. She is a weapon that feels no remorse, the first f her kind, but surely not the last. She is given a second chance, a chance to redeem her past mistakes and become a better person. Become a girl that can feel the emotions that she has missed out on in the years of use. She can become a person. But love is a tricky thing to handle, especially with three different people. ❤️Amazing cover by @-YanYan-chan- go check them out! Started : 2018 ||⚠️Trigger Warning ⚠️|| Abuse, rape, suicide and all sensitive subjects shall be present in this story. You have been warned. I will not warn you again. ||⚠️NSFW Warning ⚠️|| There will be sexual scenes in this book so again you have been warned I shall not do so again. If you don't wish to read the Smut, thee will be warning signs when it starts and finishes. ||⚠️I do NOT own any pictures, videos or the anime itself⚠️|| ‼️Slow Updates‼️

|| Prologue ||

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Ignite ||...
by chargeboltru