Vampire Family
By ChrisJLeh
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Jake Lawson, a CIA Special Agent, living a happy normal life, with his wife Michaela, being married to her for two years, he has met her family many times, they have had Christmas Parties every year to having Thanks Giving at their house, but one dinner with her family, all that will change, forever, as Michaela has been hiding a very deep secret for two years, but as a trained CIA Agent, all things change for an instant as he must use his CIA skills in a much, much different way by turning into a vampire himself, abandoning protocol he must betray the CIA and humanity to protect his wife and her family whatever the cost, but there's a catch, the CIA learns Jake's little secret of what he is and asks him to go undercover whilst being with Michaela's family, what side will he choose? Protecting Michaela and her family at the cost of his life also being wanted fugitives or take sides with the CIA to uncover the biggest secret to the world, that vampires are real. It's his choice, he must choose wisely or all of his relationships and friendships will downfall momentarily, leaving him with pain and guilt, but pain can turn into pleasure, when it comes to a bite in the neck; Jake has a job to do and that is to unite the supernatural community of Chicago, to create alliances with the werewolves, witches, fairies, shapeshifters, vampires and most important of all: the humans, in doing so will make peace but if all fails, an all out war may start which will have dire consequences.

Prologue: CIA HQ

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Vampire F...
by ChrisJLeh