The Undead Conspira...
By Aspiredforever
  • Science Fiction
  • adventure
  • experiment
  • mutants
  • science
  • scifi
  • sharks


The world is neck to neck in their battle to create the first mutants. The advancement of technology has come so far that the possibilities are endless once the first successful prototype is created. In an underwater lab, working secretly for the government, Muhammad and his crew are working on the several medications that will change the world as it is. Mutations are not at the front of their minds, until a disturbing event brings them into the twisted world of mutated nature. Grey and Saren, two interns on a tropical island, are about to discover what happens when you take the original nature and try to alter it to your liking. Muhammad and the underwater crew are written by Aspiredforever Grey and Saren are written by WynterReign The prologue is half by Aspired and half by Wynter

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The Undea...
by Aspiredforever