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"I'm sorry, they found a what?" The five years after the passing of King Victor had been very harsh on the kingdom of Eaden. No one would disagree with that. He had been a benevolent ruler and a kind man. But everyone knew that his death had affected his son Thomas the most. Crowned king at the age of 24, and not having expected to rise to the position for years yet, Thomas had struggled to follow in his father's footsteps. He was getting much better, but it took time. He had to thank his three advisors for that. The castle's experienced healer was his physician and confidant, a quick-witted and talented knight had proved his bravery and taken his spot as the kingdom's head of defense, and the tutor who had taught Thomas almost everything he knew as a child became his lead strategist. The three were like family to him, even if their occasional bickering set his nerves on edge. And of course, the constant trouble that seemed to find them. Like now, for example, because King Thomas had just been informed that his Inner Circle had found a body of a young man in the moat of the castle. Disclaimer: Characters belong to Thomas Sanders, as we all know. Hope you enjoy! Started in late 2018, before the Embarrassing Phases video.


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