Girl Trouble - JENL...
By LiNiLalisa1502
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There's this new girl that moved next door about a month ago. I haven't really seen her face because everytime I catch a glimpse of her, She's already on her way out. She's petite, shorter than I am, has a long hair and a slim body. But what bothers me is that, she's so mysterious. Sometimes, it freaks me out because she's my only neighbor and we do not talk at all. The building we live in consist of two units per floor so go figure why it's driving me crazy and I couldn't take it anymore. I'm going to knock on her damn door and introduce myself. -- I originally published this fic on AFF. Please do not repost/republish without my permission. Thank you.

Chapter 1: Next Door Neighbor

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Girl Trou...
by LiNiLalisa1502