The Blood of Queens
By Andyjo1
  • Fantasy
  • 2018undiscovered1k
  • 2019undiscovered1k
  • 2019winterchallenge500
  • action
  • blood
  • genderbender
  • magic
  • queen
  • royalty
  • war
  • wattys2019


Against all odds, half-blooded Alex has carved himself a position in the Angleyan Empire as an elite Black Knight with the help of those sympathetic to his plight-at a cost. He's ostracized himself from his own people, the impure races of laborers in the slums, and as a man in a woman's world, he'll never be free of others' cruelest mockeries or rumors. To make matters worse, The Dannic Federation, Angley's most formidable military rival, is once again itching for war against its perennial foe. The Dans would like nothing more than to eradicate every last human being with Angleyan blood from the face of the planet, including half-bloods like Alex. With a genocidal enemy on one front and xenophobia haranguing him from behind, can Alex live up to his duties to the Angleyan Empire or will his resentment cause him to crumble and fail? How much blood will be spilled, regardless of who he decides to hold as his true enemy? A huge shoutout to Aguna Mulciber (@syrahsyarah) for designing this cover. I cannot understate how glad I was that I found a good artist to do so. I would not have been able to design one half as well myself. Highest rank: #3 in 2019undiscovered1k

Map of the Colonial Mainland

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The Blood...
by Andyjo1