The Ravenstone Heir
By CarolineWarfield
  • Romance
  • bakers
  • bastard
  • brothers
  • cats
  • love
  • raven
  • romance


A cat, a raven, and a missing ring lead to scandal for the old earl's bastard grandson and the baker's daughter. The missing heir to the Earl of Ravenstone has come forward, cutting out Fletcher Graham's brother. The new heir offers proof of his identity in the form of a family signet ring. When the ring disappears, Fletch suspects a woman he saw leaving his grandfather's office, and he resolves to confront her. She's no servant, however, she's the baker's daughter, a savvy businesswoman. Her determination to help confounds him as much as his growing attraction to her. Supplying ginger biscuits and apple tarts to Ravenstone Castle brought Anna Hale fame and a brisk business. A missing ring threatens that business, and her champion mouser appears to be in the middle of the mystery. Anna inserts herself into the investigation only to find herself caught in a scandal that leads to a sham betrothal. She knows she must find a way out of it; she just isn't sure she wants to.

Chapter One, Scene 1

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The Raven...
by CarolineWarfield