Little Red |Sirius...
By AustensGrudge
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•A Wattpad featured story• Hogwarts circa 1975. The Marauders' era is at its peak: James Potter is head over heels in love with a certain redheaded prefect. Remus Lupin, ever the responsible one, is usually keeping track of the Marauders' bets, and trying- however unsuccessfully- to keep the others from creating too much trouble. Peter Pettigrew has been acting a bit odd lately- odder than he normally is, that is. Lastly Mr. Sirius Black- the pureblood player, who cannot for the life of him sustain a relationship for more than a month. But something is about to change. For their fifth year, three girls have transferred from Salem Witches Institute, and from the moment they met the Marauders, they're keeping them on their toes. Despite the friendly rivalry, Sirius finds himself drawn to one of them after finding out about her past, so much like his own. Sassy, single-minded and strong, Arianna Shah is more than pleased to find extremely good friends in the Marauders- after all, who doesn't enjoy being a part of the coolest prank wars in school? But in the process of pranking one another, Arianna finds herself drawn to a certain gray-eyed prankster. Helpful Reviews- "I love those two, but they're a bloody mess, and somebody needs to help them!"- James Potter. "Black had better not try to come near one of my friends again, or I'll hex him into next year."- Lily Evans. "We haven't had a good prank war in ages, so I'm a little thankful they came along- it's definitely going to be an interesting year."- Remus Lupin. "Yes yes, it's all very interesting, can we go eat now?"- Peter Pettigrew. Disclaimer- All characters and places you know belong to JKR and Warner Bros, the rest are created by me. The story will mostly be from either Arianna or Sirius' POV, but I MAY include other POVs to keep things fresh. PS, Sorry about the Fall Out Boy-esque chapter titles! PPS, none of the pictures or gifs belong to me, unless mentioned otherwise

Little Red

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Little Re...
by AustensGrudge