The Royal Games
By AshlingWilliams
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Just as I go to slip into my room, the mysterious stranger places a hand on my waist and leans over my shoulder. "If I were the Prince I would only have eyes for you" he breathes into my ear before walking away, leaving me a hot mess. ** The United Kingdom is looking for a wife for their son, the heir to the throne of Britain. A deal is negotiated. All girls from 19-21 who live in the U.S.A must register to enter a trial period in the palace in England, competing for the Prince's heart. Rosaline Princeton finds herself one of the 'lucky' girls chosen to embark on this incredible journey. But she has no desire to leave her family and home country, and certainly no desire to win the heart of a man she's never even met before. But over the months she encounters crazed girls certain of their right to Britain's throne, a Prince she can't seem to shake from her thoughts, friends to last a lifetime, a rather unpleasant brother, a charming cousin, secrets and, quite possibly, even love thrown into the chaotic mix ... ... But will she get her fairytale ending? And with whom ... Best Rankings: #1 featurethis #1 theselection #1 royal #1 queen # 2 selection

The Royal Games

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The Royal...
by AshlingWilliams