Broken by the Enemy...
By Marvel_Mockingjays
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"I'm tired of this anger, but this anger never tires." ~ Lillian "the Nightingale" Nightshade; daughter of Loki, assassin, and Avenger (trainee). No longer is she a metaphorical rock in SHIELD's boot, but rather the boots of HYDRA and numerous other enemies of the Avengers. The girlfriend of her favourite boy toy Captain Crunch - otherwise known as Steven Grant Rogers - finally has everything she could've possibly ever wanted. Dysfunctional but irreplaceable family, moronic yet endearing friends, and a righteous Boy Scout boyfriend. What more could a snarky, sarcastic assassin possibly need? No longer does she feel despaired, or broken, or used, or controlled. She wears her battles, both won and lost, proudly on her skin, her very own armour against all the villains the galaxy has to throw at her. Never again did she think, that heroes rather than villains, would be the ones to cut underneath that very armour. A murderous male Siri on his period, a scarlet bitch who almost made her murder the man she loves, a cocky speedster flirting with her baby sister, and the return of those goddamn stones that she wants nothing to do with, end up being the least of her problems. Enemies, she knows. Enemies, she can fight without an ounce of remorse. But choosing to fight either her best friend or the love of her life? That's a battle Lillian Nightshade knows she can't win, even if she wanted to. BOOK THREE OF THE NIGHTINGALE CHRONICLES SET DURING AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON - CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR ** I do not own any Marvel or comic characters. I only own Lillian and Adelaide Nightshade, Samuel Hemmings, Victoria Kingsley, Estelle Aveline and some other characters that may appear later on in the story. The rest of the rights are reserved to Marvel comics.**

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Broken by...
by Marvel_Mockingjays