Secret Lovers
By KimmyUB
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BOOK 4 in THE ROMANO SERIES Can be read as a standalone BUT I would advise you to read Book 1 through to Book 3 first to get to know and understand not only the MC'S of this book but also the other characters that will play a big role in this book as they did in the previous 3 books as well. Also there will be a lot of flashbacks, as well as important things mentioned or relived that happened in the previous 3 books, mainly Taming Aurora. ********** A relationship built on lies is a Dark Fragile relationship that collapses at the slightest light of truth. - Unknown When lying and omission become part of your character, you lose integrity and trust you once had from others. -Theodore Walter Fedorchak One lie, can turn into many lies. Which can then lead to the deterioration of trust in your relationship. It may seem like the easier route to take at that moment, but it will cause greater damage in the long run. - Unknown That was how dishonesty and betrayal started, not in big lies but in small secrets. - Amy Tan ***** If you're looking for a drama-filled book with secrets, lies, betrayal, heartbreak, jealousy, arguments AND Fights, then SECRET LOVERS is the book for you. This isn't an ordinary love triangle, NO. It's based on FOUR characters of the Romano Series, telling their story where you'll get to see that even HOT ITALIAN MAFIA MEN experiences heartache, yearning, longing, has jealousy fits, fights over a woman, and can get pussy-whipped, or go through that phase behind their AR-15 Riffles... So join Giovanni Russo, Consigliere of the Italian American Mafia, and his fast becoming drama-filled life. ***** (WARNING!!! 18+ ONLY ➡ THIS BOOK CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE AND EXPLICIT MATURE SCENES) *** I DO NOT CLAIM ANY RIGHTS TO ANY OF THE MEDIA SUCH AS PICTURES, QUOTES, VIDEOS, GIFS OR SONGS I MIGHT USE IN THIS BOOK ***


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Secret Lo...
by KimmyUB