Red String - Susell...
By YourBreadLord
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"It was like some... anime scene. I guess... We.. well. This is how it goes." Noelle says, explaining. Noelle was the child of a mayor. A mayor of monsters in fact. Noelle was wealthy, happy child. Yet her father was in the hospital for an unexplained illness and her mother payed rarely to no attention to Noelle due to a very busy job. Susie was homeless. Her father working his ass off to support himself and his daughter. She was abused, as her father saw Susie as some ungrateful child. Susie's mother passed away when Susie was 6, when a terrible accident happened. That accident led to Susie and her father homeless and broke in an alley way. Noelle and Susie both go into a small school, with 12th grade and kindergarteners. There weren't many schools, so some grades had to be put together. The two girls, both 17, go into Ms. Alphys's class. Noelle often looking back at Susie, who was often asleep on her desk. The two girls will soon enough talk to eachother. Forced or not.

Chapter One

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Red Strin...
by YourBreadLord