the greatest battle...
By yeeshyoosh
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Seulgi Kang is a Korean beauty with anger issues and a passion for women's rights, stuck in 1910s England. Little does she (and everyone else) know that the country is about to plunge into a Great War, and life will become harder for the woman, and everyone else for that matter. Forced to marry into a wealthy family, it is only when her husband is sent away to war that she starts to discover her true self, and what makes her who she is. Although she finds it hard to overcome and accept herself, there are others who are struggling as much as her, and there's one person in particular that seems to be facing the exact same problem as her... Together these women find that the greatest battle of all has nothing to do with soldiers and guns, but resides within their own hearts. --- This story will be a 'slow burn fic' as I won't be jumping straight into the seulrene. I will take a few chapters to introduce the characters and situations, so just bare with it, because I want to make an actual story not just a fluff thing. Enjoy!!!


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the great...
by yeeshyoosh