Assist And Entertain
By IrisTheCow
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Levi Ackerman, the owner and CEO of a worldwide-known company named WoF, finds it difficult to keep up with life's boring routine of paperwork and even more paperwork. He strives to have something interesting happen for once, and hopes it happens soon. Eren Jaeger, the personal assistant to the notoriously stoic man, tries his best to fulfil the duties given to him by said person. He makes sure that everything keeps up to the man's incredibly high standards and even enjoys doing so. Together, they embark on a journey full of mystery but also fun. With the help of the boss' friend, Hanji Zoe, will they be able to find the release from work they long for? ... Mild Language (Use Of Derogatory Terms)

1 [Formalities]

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Assist An...
by IrisTheCow