The Modern Concubin...
By Superb_dufferson
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"Everytime you're inside of me, it always feels right." I sobbed as the words fell out from my mouth. "The kiss, the touch, the care... And love. It felt like it was real." I whispered and held my chest very tight. "It's real." He believed. He attempted to reach for my hands but I took one step back. "No, it's just feel so real and right but is forbidden. I'm asking you this wholeheartedly... FORSAKEN ME ALREADY." I saw how he altered his emotion after I spilled those words to him. From being submissive into domineering form. He suddenly gripped my wrist and embraced my hip. I felt his fuming breath fanning my face. "You said, it always felt so right. Then allow me to put myself once again inside. And I will make things right." He closed our gaps and our lips touches. *** Under major editing 😉

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