Steal The Male Lead
By Shellyrill
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The main character always ends up with the male lead? Even if they're backstabbing, evil, and cruel, they will live happily ever after just because they are the main character? Even if they're so innocent that they cause countless deaths, they will still be treated with love and respect, with everyone groveling at their feet to help them. Well, the readers have agreed to disagree with this thought. It's about time to revolt! Alright then, we just need someone to destroy the main character. We need to take away the main character's golden thigh. Since that's the case, we need to Steal The Male Lead. AN: Hello everyone, so this is going to be my third book ever written on Wattpad. I've actually had plans for this book for a while and I also have many ideas for the other arcs but, please enjoy the book, and I will try to keep a constant update on it. *If any of the photos are yours or you know that the artist of the photos or characters don't want it up, please comment down right away so that I can delete it. None of the photos are mine and rightfully belong to the artist.*


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Steal The...
by Shellyrill