The Bad Boy And Me
By Lexi-Eaton
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"When I was younger, I used to read poetry and watch The Notebook on repeat, I would hear my teachers talk about falling in love and I never understood the big deal. Honestly, I think I resented it, the idea of love... because I truly thought I would never have the opportunity to find someone to fall in love with. And then I met you and it suddenly became clear what they were talking about. I finally understood the importance of being in love and that's because of you... you taught me that." *** Riley Sanders bumps into Blake Owens, the typical cliche. I mean, it's just an accidental bump into the school's biggest player, right? She won't ever see him again, right? If you mean by having to put up with an ego bigger than the size of a whale, cocky remarks and endless smirks insinuates that she won't see him again then I guess it's just an accidental bump and she doesn't really need to see him again. Riley's life turns into a roller coaster ride that seems to never end. Having to put up with Blake's cockiness, him being a jerk all the damn time and unpredictable mood swings is a pain in the ass. However, Riley seems to find another person hidden behind Blake's persona.

Chapter One

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The Bad B...
by Lexi-Eaton