Dear Olivia Brown
By MyinspiraSHAWN_
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~Can you fall for someone without even seeing them?~ Olivia was just a typical high school nerd. She was used to having no friends and being ignored by everyone . She didn't have a problem with that as long as she had her bestfriend , Harry, by her side. Her love life was a mess. Seeing your crush crushing on someone else isn't a very pleasant sight, especially if that someone is your ex best friend. But Olivia had no other ways than to put up with it . But everything changes after she starts receiving anonymous letters about someone confessing to her. Her crush suddenly notices her, the school's trouble maker starts to act fishy whenever she's around him and the cherry on top, a certain badboy wants to be her friend out of the blue. The fact that Olivia's school is full with pranksters and she has a venom spitting snake on her neck aka her ex bestfriend, only makes it harder for Olivia to believe that it's not just a silly prank. But for once in her life , she wants to let go off her trust issues and take the risk of believing that someone else might like her too. Join Olivia Brown in a journey full of mystery, confusion and heartbreak. Will she find the one in her life? This book is not about falling in love, it's about choosing the right person. ---------------------------------------- Cover by: @highnations Featured in Wattpad Humor's reading list! Highest ranking: #20 in single I do not own any pictures that are used in the book and in the cover. Credits to the rightful owner. Started:10th December,2018


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Dear Oliv...
by MyinspiraSHAWN_