Time Capsule
By FaithHopeandNiall
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WARNING: Drug references, violence, abuse, and sexual content!!! * * "I was thinking last night, and I thought we could make like a box and put some of our stuff in it." "Like a timecapsule?" "Yes! Exactly! Then we can bury it at that lake in the woods! And then on your 19th birthday we can come back and open it." "That's a great idea Niall! But what if you don't remember?" I frowned and he gently held my cheeks in his hand. "I won't forget, Annabelle. I promise that before then, when I am 18, I'll come back here. And that spot in the woods is now our place. Ours and only ours. Whenever you miss me, just go to that spot and smile at every memory. You promise to do that and I promise I won't forget." "Pinky Promise?" "I pinky promise." * * Niall and Annbelle are the best of friends. Their friendship was special and unbreakable...for the most part. But when Niall moves away, and comes back five years later...a lot of things change... And not in the way you think... ------------------------------------------------- Time Capsule- FaithHopeandNiall Copyright 2014/2015


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Time Caps...
by FaithHopeandNiall