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By nuraiesya2002
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Oh hello there~ I am just a simple teenage girl who happen to be an Otaku and lived a pretty average life, I guess? Well I had loving parents, a sarcastic little sister and friends who are like my family but a terrible incident change all that. A normal walk had turn to a bloody mess and you all can blame truck-sama who have struck once again. Who knew trucks can be one of the most cause of death but hey fate isn't kind. But fate also just happened to bloody hell hate me. Instead of going to the afterlife where I could meet grandma and grandpa, fate had to fuck that up too. Well ladies and gentlemen, I was reborn into a new world unfortunately is was the world of a popular otome game, My Mystical Love. Iris Leaves is dead and now I am Cynthia Claremore, a heiress to the noble family in a mystical world with magic, dragon and knight. The world of Earthland is a world mix with culture and magic where it's people each have their own elements in a modern time where magic is also infuse with technology. That not all, I may be lucky to have a second chance at life but I found out that I AM THE BLOODY VILLAINESS! Life couldn't just get worse but once again I was wrong. Now read my adventures where I try to avoid the destruction flags and maybe lived a long life this time. Well wish me luck and hope truck-sama don't come after you next~ Bye bye~ (This is a rewrite of my original story)

My Hundreds Apologies

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