The hope of a small...
By a_mystery-writer
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Yara's life is filled with a lot of drama... family, friends, college and work drama. Then she unexpectedly gets 'hope'. Hope... of someone special. But that doesn't mean her life magically changed... it even caused more drama! What happens when a Muslimah falls in love? Yara struggled with her feelings, power and faith. He has been the reasons behind the fire in Yara's heart, butterflies in her stomach and roses in her eyes but at the same time also the the reason behind the ice in her brain, the bees in her throat and thorns in her mind. He gave hope to a small butterfly that didn't dared to fly but when she finally dared to fly, she had to go through a lot of obstacles. Fly with Yara to know more about her dramas, challenges, emotions and lovestory! --- Note: The main characters of this story are Muslim but this story is for everyone! I hope you like it!

Chapter 1

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The hope...
by a_mystery-writer