Apparently I Know Y...
By VampireCrest13
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My impatient eyes snapped to the entrance of that vintage store.The piercing sound of the door chime alarming me from the plank I was drilling into at the site. Finally,She came. She trudged towards the cash counter in a frenzy as she was late.She quickly clasped the attendance clipboard that was plastered at her side and started scribbling on it.Her usual routine.I watched her every move like a hawk. An insanely obsessive hawk. Alluring. Gorgeous. Intimidating. There wasn't enough words in the universe to describe her beauty. As her eyes wandered around the crooked and dusty wooden shelves of the dimmed store,she caught me gazing at her through the window. Her pitch black,large doe pools caught my eerily cloudy blue ones.I smirked and winked at her innocently. Little did she know the stream of compulsive thoughts about her that were drowning my mind in a complete utter disarray.The fact that I wanted to caress her bare skin with my rough and calloused fingers.The fact that I wanted to kiss every damn inch of her body.The fucking fact that I wanted her lovely legs to be wrapped tightly around my torso as I devoured her sweet,sweet lips. Tasting her. Enjoying her. And I,Dominic Eastwood,determined in that very moment,she will be mine... Screw that! She already is Mine. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They bumped into each other when they were little. Now,they bumped into each other again. One was in college, the other was in high school. One had a future filled with ambiguity, the other had a past filled with secrets. In his eyes,she was his precious princess. In her eyes,he was her biggest saviour. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can't start a fire in another's heart till it's burning in your own ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ •All images and GIFs contained in this story are strictly not under my possession and are taken from other websites• •Mature Language ahead•


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