Shades of Lambrose
By winchester_betty
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What would happen if Lilly and Rikkard were to meet now and not 2 centuries ago? Strong ,intelligent, cold, arrogant, mysterious but handsome as hell Rikkard Ambrose is the richest man in London. The one and only thing he cares about is his hard earned MONEY. Money that he keeps hidden from the world. Never uses it lavishly as a rich man should. Strong willed, intelligent, stubborn, jolly, hot as hell Lillian Linton is a college students. Her one and only ambition is to be a business woman. The only things that tiks her off is Guys trying to showoff in front of her. What makes her day--- when she gets to kick some ass. The only thing common between the two is they both are single and not so ready to mingle What will happen when these two poles apart people bump into each other. Will Lilly be able to fulfill her dreams? Will her love seep through Rikkard's cold heart and melt it? Will Rikkard trust her and let her help him fight his demons of past? What turns there story will take when they meet? And what will be the ending? So many questions and no answers.... All the characters belong to Sir Rob.

Chapter 1

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Shades of...
by winchester_betty