Worlds Collide
By ArkNeuron
  • Fantasy
  • -romance
  • -thriller
  • action
  • action-romance
  • action-thriller
  • aliens
  • fantasy
  • fighting
  • magic
  • survival
  • survivalofthefittest
  • wattys2019


(Work in Progress) In 2024, a mysterious comet came crashing into Terra, leaving behind nothing but a dent in the surface. From the impact site, government officials recover someone found next to the site... a man named Merlin. As 17-year old Keith Sigil and his childhood friend Seira Blackburn were walking home from kendo practice one summer evening, they run into Merlin. Before he can fully deliver a seemingly urgent message to the two clueless teens, the world had already met its end. Foreign spacecraft started appearing from the sky, and moments later, death was upon the world. From the countless explosions and energy blasts that riddled the land, the human race nearly went extinct that day. Two years later, Keith, now 19, is the leader of humanity's only resistance front, Recon Operatives K(n)own In Nocturn, codenamed RONIN, symbolizing those fight for the cause they believe in. Battling the chaos that ensues, Keith must do what he can to protect his comrades... and the one that matters most to him.

Sequence 1 - Premonition

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Worlds Co...
by ArkNeuron