"I Do Wonder...
By TheNicePrincess23
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(Highest Rank: #3 in #Jevil) Once upon a time, in the world where Darkners resided, there was peace, harmony and laughter. The four kings ruled the kingdom fairly, and the gentle race of these people lived happily amongst each other. Even the shyer members of the royal familes could be made to smile and feel so much joy just be a simple trick by the court jester, a fellow who few knew the name of, yet everyone felt some sort of connection with. This is where our story begins. It has been fifteen years since the jester and the royal magician went missing, and without their help to smile, the kingdom soon became a dark, yet darker place, with hopelessness around every corner. Even the young girl the Jester entertained after his shows fell into despair, being forced out of her home by a greedy king, and forced to live day to day, simply trying to survive. Is it possible for hope to be restored to this kingdom, or even to just the young girl who has long given up hope on ever feeling joy again? Perhaps there is a way... all it takes is to free an old friend.

Prologue: The Jester's Favorite

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"I D...
by TheNicePrincess23