What Could Happen?...
By abbvx2
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!! STORY DISCONTINUED !! Luke is her childhood friend. He's coming back home from tour. What could possibly happen? May and Luke did everything together. Their moms were best friends in high school. Everyone knew them as Liz and Laura. So of course it was destiny that their two kids would be best friends as well. The two kids grew up together. But when May's family has to move, friendship for the two would change for good. Now Luke's famous. May doesn't want anything to do with him. Fame changes people, she was convinced of that. So, what could happen when May suddenly has to pick up her childhood friend from the airport? Please Note: I am not from Australia, so I don't know all the Australian terms, especially for the school system. So if you're from Australia please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, thank you :)

Chapter One: Welcome Home

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What Coul...
by abbvx2