To love Again
By QueenMojo
  • Romance
  • betrayal
  • billionare
  • french
  • love
  • pain


Imagine a world where you chose happiness but sadness and pains came along. Adriana Brussaux Third daughter of Francis Brussaux ,wanted a life full of Gold and riches but not the hard way. Francis a business man living in France is unable to pay his debt to corentin Dubois .Mean while Adriana a fresh college graduate hopes to take over her father's fashion company someday only To be hit with the option of marrying corentin or her father might die.. Adriana agrees to marry corentin but every day is a day of pain. After the marriage , they move to London . Adriana is in no way allowed to communicate with any of her family members . After years of working Adriana finally pays of her father's debt and she is ready to let go . b But corentin blinded by the beautiful Adriana falls in love and is not ready to let her go . this time around he fights for his love not his money.


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To love A...
by QueenMojo