Handcuffed During T...
By KassandraVivu
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Anthony Deangelo is a computer programmer, game programmer, game developer, game designer, Manga writer, Artist, and Anime Creator. He's a Nerd, hopeless romantic also. He lives alone and goes into his own little world while working on his ideas. His family does things for the holidays in the family cabin up North. There's a problem, Anthony's Mom has told everyone in the family that Anthony is bringing his girlfriend over, and she is spending the Holidays with them. Anthony doesn't have a girlfriend; Anthony made her up. Now he's stuck and doesn't know what to do until he sees the woman he's had a crush on since laying eyes on her outside angry. So what does he do? Kidnaps her, of course, just for the Holidays. Aimee Robinson is a successful lawyer; she's on the billboards, she's won cases, and is doing pretty great for herself. The problem is, she happens to get the nickname called the "Ice Princess" she can be rude, blunt, seems to be cold-hearted, and doesn't seem to care about it. She cares about her firm and won't let anyone bring her down, not even the douchebag she was dating, who she found out was cheating on her. There's a mole in Aimee's firm, and she won't back down until matters are solved, but there's a problem. She's been kidnapped, by the weird guy who keeps staring at her from the cafe, and he says he's bringing her home to meet his family. Now Aimee is stuck in a car, handcuffed onto the car rest handle. She's dropped her phone outside the cafe and can't call for help; now she's on a road trip with a stranger who's bringing her to his home and claiming that she has to pretend to be his girlfriend. It's official; the world has gone mad. *completed December 31st, 2019*


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by KassandraVivu