Nothing like love
By walkingwith1shoe
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Sannidhi had been a cupid. She always helped her friends in their love life. But maybe the real cupid wasn't happy with someone else doing his job better than him. So he made hers wor... Well let's say it wasn't good. Surya Gowda was Sannidhi's arch rival in high school. They both hated each others guts. That was because Sannidhi was helping her friend while Surya was protecting his. What a way to start your games Mr cupid ************** Sannidhi, a fresh graduate and working in a good company. Her dream is to work in the United states. She's crazy, sarcastic ,and funny. Surya is a billionaire running his dads company. He's strict and possessive. He gets angry soon. But he's most caring to the ones he loves. He just hates sannidhi. He isn't sure of the reason. It's a story about 2 arch enemies in an arranged marriage. And that's when the world war three starts. Surya is in a ' complicated relationship ' which no one in his family knows. Sannidhi has had a horrible past which only her close friends and family know. #8 in sarcasm #2 in United states #1 in Bangalore

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Nothing l...
by walkingwith1shoe