Ardent Strangers
By samkately
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18+// The headlines are on repeat: 'Broadcast live on every network. Nathaniel Blake pays for noon timeslots in search of mystery girl, Evangeline.' I'm glued to the television now, and when he says, "Evangeline," it's as if he's speaking directly through the screen and right to me... * * * Nathaniel Blake has just evaded his security team. As he sits atop a bridge, mystery girl Eve steps from her car like an angel in the headlights. Soon, he's revealing secrets he never intended to share. In a world where everyone wants a piece of him, she might be the one woman he can finally love. Without warning she vanishes from his life, and Nathaniel will do anything to find her. Aaron Randall is Nathaniel's head of security, and Eve has just gotten him fired and evicted from his hotel. When she mistakenly offers him a place to stay, he isn't about to say no. Keeping her at a distance is easy, until it becomes impossible to live without her. Eve hasn't let a man close to her in months, but things are about to change. Will she follow the dangerous path towards Nathaniel or the home she's built with Aaron... . . . Warning: This story contains triggers - references to suicide, adult themes, and depression. Explicit language and sex scenes. Copyright 2018: Samantha Kately. No part of this work may be reproduced without the permission of the author.


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Ardent St...
by samkately