A Kiss From Time
By Emelradine
  • Fantasy
  • badboy
  • badgirl
  • denvair
  • earth
  • love
  • magic
  • quest
  • raina
  • romance
  • sass
  • sassygirl
  • savior
  • time
  • timeloop
  • timetravel


What happens when Time himself, runs out of time? There's bound to be chaos right, or let's just say, everybody runs out of time. _ Raina Canvas' life was as normal as any other struggling Spinster's life could get; but the moment she bumped into an extraordinarily bright eyed man in the busy streets of New York City, claiming to be the god of Time, and saying she was the evil Queen Daliah of Dimueh and she had to break the curse she placed on him thousands of years ago in order to save the whole of man kind, her whole life changed for the worse. But on her journey to save the world, she discovers a shocking truth about her identity and everything she stood for. But as it was, she had little time to worry about her identity, since it seemed as if she was the only one who could save TIME, and the whole of humanity, but there was one problem... Who the hell was Queen Daliah? And what in heaven's name, is Dimueh? _ Follow Raina Canva on her Crazy and Adventurous journey to save TIME.

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A Kiss Fr...
by Emelradine