To Hold Up the Sky...
By Wavedream623
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This Story takes place after the war with Gaea, when Nico is 16. Tartarus gets bored with his domain and decides to mess stuff up in the over-world by sucking up Atlas's Essence and have the sky fall. With only the two camps and the underground places intact, Nico and Percy must figure out how to solve this problem. Meanwhile, Nico thought that he had gotten over the son of Poseidon. He had made a promise to himself to never be so stupid again to fall in love. But as Nico and Percy become closer, Nico finds that the complete opposite has happened: he's fallen deeper. And Nico finds its so deep that it may be enough, maybe even MORE than enough, to hold the weight of the sky. AUTHOR"S NOTE: PLEASE WATCH THE YOU TUBE VIDEO ITS AMAZING!

Chapter 1: Nightmare Galore

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To Hold U...
by Wavedream623