Glee: To the Next L...
By arias3
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With all of its original members gone, the glee club must struggle to survive at McKinley High School. Having taken the club by a storm the last year, Juliet Vasquez must now become a leader in order to keep the club alive. The new year brings on new love triangles, new songs, new members, and new drama for Julie and the rest of the club as she struggles to cope with her own troubles while helping her friends deal with theirs. And just when they think they've gotten rid of all their enemies, they discover that there are more people in and out of McKinley who are out to destroy them. Will the pressure of leading the glee club without Finn, Rachel, Kurt, Santana, or any of the others be too much for Julie? *Sequel to A Brand New Direction* DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN GLEE OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS. I ALSO DO NOT OWN THE MUSIC USED IN THIS FANFIC.

To The Next Level [Glee FanFic #2]

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Glee: To...
by arias3