I want to hold you...
By AiSeeHope
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Min Yoongi has only had one constant in his entire life: Jung Hoseok. It's safe to say he loves Jung Hoseok, always has and probably always will. But he learns at an early age that he and Hoseok should never be together. He has a shadow element and Hoseok has the healing light element. Science and history prove the chaos and tragedy that accompanies the union of these opposites. So he buries any romantic feelings he has for the younger. He also breaks the younger's heart. Fast forward. Hoseok finally moves on. Kim Taehyung, who displays the character of a stereotypical water elementeer- the perfect match of a light elementeer such as Hoseok, is the perfect lover. He is devoted to Hoseok. Yoongi's heart bleeds as he slowly watches Hoseok fall in love with someone else; but he attempts to rejoice in the happiness of the love of his life. But what happens when Taehyung reveals that he in fact has a cursed shadow element? Enjoy and do comment. Let me know what you think is going to happen :D I'm on Twitter as @AiSeeHope (https://twitter.com/AiSeeHope) Talk to me about this fic or BTS or anything under the sun <3

Prologue 1

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I want to...
by AiSeeHope