Our Love Song
By HTEllis
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BOOK 5.5 BETTY'S NOVELLA *SPOILERS AHEAD* Finding out you're pregnant backstage at the Brit Awards was not how Betty saw it happening. After three months of non-stop travelling, she failed to notice the signs, until she passed out on stage and found herself in a medical bed with her sister insisting she take a test. Away from her husband. They were trying for months. Doctors telling them that their time away from one another wasn't helping, to stop worrying and let it happen naturally. Guess good things do come to those who wait. Pressure off, she wants to take a break from the world of music and focus on building a family, insisting Finn do the same. In the middle of the world championships, it's impossible for him to quit, clients careers in his hands. Arguments. Ultimatums. Regrets. The couple struggle to come to terms with this new way of life, pushing their love to lengths neither thought possible. Hindsight is a wonderful thing...especially when your selfishness can risk losing the one thing that keeps your heart beating forever. All rights reserved. Copyright to HTEllis 2018 Warning - sexual content, operations, and upsetting content. 18+ recommend

BOOK 5.5

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Our Love...
by HTEllis